Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last Chance to Enter | Chairish $100 Giveaway

Say What?!
You haven't entered yet?!
Today's your last chance!  
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Wishing you a happy day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kenroy Home | Broadcast Light Pendant

The weather this weekend in Atlanta was beautiful!  I love this time of year, with our newly bloomed azaleas and the warm Spring air!  Hands down one of my favorite things in the world is dining al fresco, shared with great company, it makes for a wonderful evening.  And after sharing our exciting news last week, quiet dinners with just the two of us will become far and few between.   So, I've vowed to enjoy more outdoor dining and when Kenroy Home contacted us about their product line,
I fell in love with their Broadcast Light Pendant.
 It's the perfect outdoor light, not too big or bulky and can easily transition from space to space.  It would work great on a porch and would look amazing hung in multiples under a pergola.  
 After choosing a quiet nook in our yard, I decided to hang ours from a tree.  Not only is it super cute, but my favorite feature is that you can turn it off without having to unplug it ~ how great is that!
With all the exciting to-dos ahead, I'm so happy to take some time for just the two of us, enjoying the outdoors and sharing a good meal!

What small moments are you looking forward to this Spring?


This is a sponsored post by Kenroy Home.  All opinions and photos are my own.


Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Belt Strap Tote

You know I love finding practical uses for old items and currently I'm obsessed with thrifted belts!   For just a couple bucks you can typically find quality leather or a fun color.  After craving a new market tote, I shared this DIY at Sand & Sisal a few weeks back.  And by using an already made tote, it's a simple way to customize and upgrade a boring bag.  
  Perfect for picnics, farmer's markets & flea markets, tote bags are a personal Springtime favorite!


Materials Needed:
Canvas Tote
*I bought this 3 pack for $6.99*
Nylon or Leather Belt
*I found mine for $1-2 at local thrift stores*
Starter Punch
*For $5 this one is the perfect size!
Scrap Wood
Rubber Mallet 
Binding Post Screws
*I used 8 of these on each bag, but depending on the thickness of your bag and belt you may need to go bigger/smaller*

To Make:

Take your tote and cut off any existing handles.
If your bag is as wrinkled as mine, now's a good time to iron it.
Take your belt and cut two handles of equal length.
*Helpful Tip: If cutting nylon be sure to burn the edges to prevent fraying.
From there, decide the placement of your handle, and mark with a pencil if needed.
After deciding where you want your holes, place your starter punch over both the belt and tote.  Hold steady and use a mallet to hammer on the starter punch to make a hole:
*Be sure to do this on a hard surface and it's essential to have a piece of wood under your tote for the starter punch to compress into.  
From there simply screw your binding posts together to attach your belt to your tote.
Continue to punch holes and attach your handle until your bag is finished:
For my leather strap tote, I did the same process, but opted to round the edges of my handles and placed them slightly lower:
So whether you're headed to the beach or looking for a new market tote, I hope this inspires you to go out and customize one of your own!

Want to upcycle more belts?
Check out this DIY turning old belts, fabric and cardboard boxes
 into pretty storage bins.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Meet Chairish & Enter To Win $100 Credit

You know how much I love scouring for unique finds and eclectic statement pieces, well there's this amazing site that I'm smitten over...Chairish!  If you have yet to check them out, I promise it's a must!  You can buy (or sell!) antique, vintage or gently used items. This is a place to find those coveted pieces that are not only quality, but each item is vetted by the Chairish team, ensuring you're not endlessly searching though a bunch of junk!  

Read on to see the items I personally love (and want) and be sure to check out the

Bohemian Beach House
I'm currently craving a beachy, slightly tropical vibe in our home.  I love warm weather...bring on the sunshine, the warmth and color!  I envision neutrals, with pops of color, surrounded by a collection of eclectic finds, like in the photo below: 
To get this look, I'm loving these pieces from Chairish:

I always love bringing the outdoors in, but this time of year I relish in an outdoor living space.  To create a cozy, yet stylish backyard oasis, I love the juxtaposition of rustic and worn paired with bright bold patterns, like in the photo below:

Speaking of selling items...they have this easy to use iphone App ~ and if you're like me, this is the perfect time of year to do some Spring cleaning! As if discovering the world of Chairish isn't enough, they're offering Iron & Twine readers a chance to win a $100 credit to their site!  Be sure to stop by Chairish to see the entire Iron & Twine Collection and don't forget to enter the sweepstakes by Friday, April 18th!
Happy Shopping!

This is a partnered post with , and like always all opinions are my own!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Smith Family Is Expanding

We're beyond thrilled to share that...
yup! two babies!!
After our initial shock and awe, we're pretty over-the-moon excited!  Still early in the process, at 9 weeks, but gosh darn we just had to share ~ mainly because yours truly is so awful at keeping secrets!  And I must say, seeing their heartbeats at 6 weeks really changes ones outlook on life.  Our journey started two years ago, and after wondering what was up we enlisted the help of some pretty amazing fertility specialists.  The funny thing about pregnancy is when you want it, you want it, and sometimes it just doesn't happen that easy.  So for any couples out there that had a rough go at it, or who still are ~ I have a whole new love and understanding for what you're going through.  
Plainly put...Infertility Sucks!  
And I have to admit that while at times our road was bumpy, our journey turned out to be a pretty easy one.  I was diagnosed with PCOS last summer and after some other stuff we got super lucky with our first round of IUI in February.  
Plainly put...We're pregnant with Twins!
As far as how it's currently going?  Life is good and growing babies is hard work :)
I have to admit, pregnancy does some pretty funny things to you and your body.  There's this form of exhaustion that I've never felt before.  Not a let me take an afternoon nap exhaustion, but a I'll totally fall asleep while talking to you exhaustion.  Brian and I keep joking that it's the twins way of saying Sleep now, because next year you won't.  Pair that with morning sickness, a weird bout of sleep insomnia, and the never ending feeling that my brain is working at a third of capacity and I'd say it's a standard pregnancy so far.  All of that explains my absence from the blog most of March. So, I greatly appreciate your patience with me as I get through the first trimester.  
As for any nursery or baby plans?  We're currently taking it day by day, so no BIG plans yet.  We do plan to stay in this house, after all we don't feel like our adventure here is over.  We're more of the finish what you started type and there are still so many DIYs and projects to be done!  But boy oh boy (or should I say girl oh girl? or boy oh girl?) ~ we can't wait to see what's in store!
Ok, now it's your turn!
Any parenting or baby must haves?!  
Bring it on!  We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's Your Style Series | Our Bedroom & Giveaway

So glad you're joining us for the final installment of What's Your Style Series, hosted by Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof and Jamie from So Much Better with Age.  Like I shared in Part 1: Living Room Edition and Part 2: Kitchen Edition, our approach to style is more of a mantra:
Simple, Vintage, Antique, Design.
And like our Kitchen, our Bedroom has been a slow evolution over time.
What originally started as a dark khaki room with popcorn ceilings...
 Turned into this...
A wood accent wall was added using damaged fencing boards from our local Lowes that we purchased for a total of $25!  A grey wash was applied, but quickly realized the color palette wasn't quite what we wanted.  So we painted it white, which worked out significantly better with the headboard and bedding we already owned:
To keep things 
 and cost effective, we up-cycled old retail displays that we bought for 50 cents each into side tables.  Not what we had planned to use for the past two years, but they've done the job!  An addition of navy ribbon trim helped add character: 
Vintage & Antique
In looking for some unexpected art, we were thrilled when we came across this old Magnolia Gas Sign.  Our wedding reception was at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens in Charleston, SC and we now have a HUGE magnolia tree in our front yard, so the name seemed fitting.
Our home is always a work in progress and hopefully always evolving.  The addition of a Mohawk Rug was a welcome change this past winter. 
 And right now I'm currently updating our bedding which I hope to finish soon!
In the meantime, be sure to check out all these other blogs for additional Bedroom Inspiration!

Tuesday, March 25th

Wednesday, March 26th

And don't forget to enter the giveaway below:

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's Your Style Series | Our Kitchen & Giveaway

So glad you're joining us for round two of  What's Your Style Series, hosted by Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof & Jamie from So Much Better With Age.  If your coming over from Shabby Love, then welcome!  Like I shared in part one: living room edition, our approach to style is more of a mantra:
Simple, Vintage, Antique, Design.
And when it comes to the kitchen it's no different.

The addition of metro shelving has helped drastically with the overall function of our kitchen.  By keeping things within reach, meals and entertaining are a cinch while also providing additional storage.
Organization is key.  Drawer liners, organized cabinets & under sink storage are a couple ways we keep our kitchen in order.

It wouldn't be our home without the use of vintage items and our kitchen is home to the hands-down most used item in our household ~ our silverware!  This silver-plate flatware started as a small collection when I was a little girl, then graced the tables at our wedding and now is part of our daily life in our home.  

Wicker Demijohns are one of my favorites!  They add texture and warmth to a space and also make great statement pieces in the kitchen. 

Our kitchen makeover is still a work in progress ~ please forgive some of the Christmas pics as our kitchen is currently a construction zone once again!  When it came to the design of our space we wanted a farmhouse-bistro feel.  Well to be completely honest, in the beginning we wanted it to feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner.  After all this is what it looked like a few weeks after moving in:
What can I say?!  We saw potential :)
After refinishing the cabinets...adding new counter top, sink, lighting and appliances...taking down the ceiling...adding a new ceiling...taking up the floors...adding wood floors...priming & painting our kitchen is almost finished. 

 Don't forget to visit the following for more kitchen style and inspiration:

Tuesday, February 25th
And be sure to enter the Giveaway below!

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