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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

 Well, kind of like magic.
As we mentioned yesterday, our water heater flooded the laundry room over the weekend and as we suspected, it rusted out the bottom, creating a leak.  
The only solution is to replace the entire unit.
Initially we were under the impression that our insurance would cover the cost, but with any coverage there's always fine print.  While the water heater is covered, any code updates are not.  And the first thing out of the technician's mouth was 
"This entire thing isn't to code!"
Gotta love these older homes!  Frankly, we weren't surprised to hear him say this.  In our situation, the gas and water lines would have to be re-done and new lines brought into the laundry room from our crawl space.    
Price tag, $1,600 out of pocket.
We also inquired about upgrading to a tankless water heater.  We assumed it would still be placed in the laundry room, but he advised us to put it in the crawl space.  
This way we'd have more space in the laundry room and 
it would prevent additional gas and water lines to be installed.
Price tag, $3,800.
To be completely honest this isn't what we planned or wanted to spend our rainy day fund on.  But isn't that how it typically turns out?
So after weighing the pros and cons and discussing the finances, we've decided to go with the tankless water heater.  We will receive a payout from our insurance company and because tankless are more energy efficient we will be able to take advantage of a specific tax credit.  After all is said and done, it's a $1,200 difference between the two.  
For now, we plan to put off other home improvements to offset the cost.  
In the meantime, we're pretty excited about the extra corner space 
we'll gain in the laundry room!


  1. A few years ago, we had a pipe under our kitchen floor that had broken. Obviously we didn't know right away, but our hot water heater was draining constantly into the ground under our foundation - making our water and gas bills sky rocket! It was so frustrating to have to destroy the floor; but, silver lining, that gave us the kick in the pants to get rid of the old linoleum and replace it with tile. I learned how to lay tile and enjoyed it a lot! AND, I got really good with the wet saw. Glad you see the silver lining, too, with the extra space. :)

    1. Melissa ~ thanks for sharing and way to look on the bright side, although I'm sure the situation wasn't fun in the moment! Isn't it funny how life is better & easier when we focus on the silver linings! I'm already going a little overboard with laundry room inspiration ~ I'll post photos later :)

    2. The fact that one of our cats suddenly became obsessed with lying on the kitchen rug at the sink should have been a clue! HAHA!

  2. First, your air-conditioner unit stopped working, then your water heater flooded your laundry room. This is really not the kind of news you would want to discover after a tiring day. But it's all part of being a homeowner, and besides, every problem has its own solution. How is it, by the way? I hope it has been fixed immediately to free yourself from nuisances of having no air-conditioner and a water heater.

    --->Levi Eslinger @


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