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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What To Collect Now | Vintage Books
While I'm sure most of you are purging your books, now is the perfect time to define a collection of old, well read hardbacks!  Books, while wonderful to read, also make for great conservation pieces, add color to any bookshelf and are instant decor for your coffee table.  Like any collection, the key is to be organized in your search and have a defined purpose to eliminate (or in my case minimize) unnecessary purchases.  Buy titles you love, and for those you simply plan to use as decor, keep to a theme by selecting a color palette or specific subject to ensure your collection coordinates.  

When collecting old books I've set the following ground rules:
$2 or less, most have been purchased for $1, and rarely do I go over the $2 limit.
Must be published on or before the 1960's
with the exception of some publications, like my Reader's Digests
I prefer to buy older hardbacks.
LOVE, READ, USE, I have to love it and I must have a plan to either read or use it ~ pages from vintage books can also make great framed art!

Here's some ideas to get you started:

Keep to similar subject or topic matter:
The Holy Bible

Vintage Textbooks

Vintage Dictionaries

Travel or History Books | New England

Vintage Cookbooks

Vintage Magazine Collections

Vintage Reader's Digest

By Color:

Teal | Light Blue

Royal Blue

Navy | Slate




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  1. Books, books, books! I do like books and really have a hard time getting rid of them. Your ideas are awesome, certainly have not thought about arranging by color. Jane


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