Hell's Kitchen Flea Market | New York City

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!
Fall always makes me want to get outside and go on a treasure hunt.  
Yesterday I shared my ideal Big City getaway and wanted to come back with more from the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market!  It takes place every Saturday & Sunday from 9am-5pm in New York City.  From design students to the fashion elite, magazine editors to collectors,  amateurs  to enthusiasts, you'll rub elbows with New York's most eclectic.  
Be sure to bring plenty of cash and don't be afraid to negotiate.  
Here's just a small sampling of what you may find on any given weekend.
There's also the Antique Garage located at 112 West 25th Street that's a must see as well.  Prices are typically higher as most vendors primarily sell to collectors.  You'll find notable artwork, one of a kind vintage clothing along with much more.  
The West 25th Street Market is so-so ~ at least in the handful of times I've gone.  It seems to always have a random assortment and prices are all over the place.  
Should you find you have extra time be sure to hit it up, but if time is limited 
you'll have more luck at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market!!

What Flea Markets will you be hitting up across the country this fall?


  1. Oh those wooden shoe/foot forms! I can see using those as "corbels" for a shelf. Love, love, LOVE!


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