Non-alcoholic Watermelon Sangria

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

With summer at full speed I'm craving refreshing iced drinks.  Whether you're pregnant like myself or prefer something non-alcoholic, this Watermelon Sangria is sure to hit the spot!

 What You'll Need

2 Limes
Club Soda (1 quart)
7 up (8 fl oz)

To Make

Start by muddling mint and juice of half of a lime:
Add a handful of blackberries and muddle: 
Add chopped watermelon, lime slices and blackberries to pitcher:
 Pour in Club Soda followed by Sparkling Watermelon IZZE:
 Now for my secret addition ~ add 7up ~ trust me on this!
Stir together, pour over ice and ENJOY!


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