31 Weeks Pregnant | Twins

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Whew!  We made it through 31 weeks and boy has it been a bit of a doozy!  After my last pregnancy post, we had been so fortunate with a primarily uneventful twin pregnancy...now 2 hospital stays later, an order to be on a non-bedrest, bedrest and a new appreciation for keeping these babes "in the oven" for as long as possible, has us, once again, counting our blessings and feeling oh so lucky!

While this past month brought on its fair share of apprehensions and fears, I can honestly say, that I'm now so excited to meet these two little ones!  Our current goal is to make it to the 34 week mark along with a minimum weight of 5lbs each.  Each day currently feels like a mini-victory and each week makes this mama-to-be breath a big sigh of relief!  I swear this bump is growing daily (which means the babies are growing!!!), but if this keeps up, this bump is going to need its own zip code...I mean, look at this thing!
So, you better be sure I'll be documenting this bump over the next few weeks ~ who knows when it will be my last pregnancy pic?!  And speaking of documenting, how incredibly cute are these Printable Weekly Pregnancy Signs from Bella Carta Boutique!!  They're perfect for those weekly bump photos, or like I plan to use them for, would make a great addition to your pregnancy journal/scrapbook.
Well, I'm off to another doctor's appointment, these days they have me there a few times a week.  Fingers crossed these babies are putting on some serious weight!  In the meantime, thanks again for all your support, patience & encouragement as we make it through this pregnancy!  xo

31 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

HOW BIG ARE THE BABIES?  Baby Girl is 3.5 lbs and Baby Boy is 3.5 lbs

EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS THIS WEEK:  On ultrasound Baby Girl has a head full of hair and it looks like Baby Boy has his daddy's nose!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  Getting discharged from the hospital and sleeping in my own bed!   

CRAVINGS:  Classic Ice Cream Sundaes!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN:  37 lbs...must be from all the ice cream sundaes :)

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO:   Fattening up these babies and making it another week!


  1. You look fantastic Michelle! Best wishes for a "relaxing" and "uneventful" next few weeks! :) - Nicole Loranger

  2. You look amazing, momma! I know how hard those last weeks are, and how stressful it is to hit each weekly milestone and weight check. You're doing GREAT, and these babies are lucky to have a mom that cares so much for their health and well-being. And, thank you for the sweet words about my signs! It makes my heart SO happy to know other moms are using them to document this incredible time in their lives! XO

    1. Love, Love, Love the signs Jillian ~ such a great, easy & beautiful way to document this journey! Great idea girl!! xo

  3. You look fabulous Michelle! Sorry to hear that you landed in the hospital but it sounds like those babes are cookin' real nice! Can't wait for your updates!

  4. You look wonderful! Cross your legs and take care of yourself and those growing babies.

  5. my twins turned ten on sunday and i've been where you are. stay in bed except to go to the doctor. trust me there is nothing more important than making it through the next two weeks, no work that needs to be done, no laundry, no cooking, no nothing. i was put on bedrest with our twins at 26 weeks and our goal too was to make it to 34 weeks. that was the magic number we heard all pregnancy long. i remember packing the outfits to bring them home with us, we thought they would come home immediately with us. long story short (and i can email you the long version if you want) two days before our 34 week mark we did our nightly monitoring (a precaution by our doctor) and the nurse called back to tell us that I'd had like 20 contractions in the ten minutes of monitoring. i just thought i was heavily pregnant and feeling bad. turns out i had HELLP syndrome and not to scare you, i promise you that's not what i'm trying to do, but seriously you're cooking two, your body needs to rest right now. so if they tell you non-bedrest bedrest GO TO BED. stay hydrated with lots of water. let your husband and family or whomever take care of you while you take care of the babies. best of luck. you look BEAUTIFUL! get the "healthy sleep habits, happy child" twins edition book and read that for the next few weeks in bed of course :) its the best baby sleep book ever.


  6. Can I just say you look amazing. I am glad you are home and can enjoy your own bed. Thanks for the pregnancy update.

  7. You look great! Keep that baby bump a'growin'! I love seeing your updates as I am currently 12 weeks along with IUI twins!

    1. Linley, congrats congrats!!! You have a wonderful journey ahead of you! Sending lots of happy thoughts your way!! xo

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I know that all of the other commenters are women as is to be expected,but I hope you won't mind a guy telling you that your twin belly pics are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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