Thursday, May 14, 2015

OK, friends...we need to have a chat.
Nothing too serious, just a bit of the state of the blog address!
You see, IRON & TWINE's a little over two years now (oh yeah, Happy Birthday to us!).  And I feel like recently we've lost touch with who we are and who are readers are.  I had that little thing called
pregnancy last year and am now so excited to have entered the new mom club with twins P & K!  But, with this new, exciting, wonderful new phase of my life, things got a bit busy and crazy and way off balance ~ I know you guys can relate to what I'm saying!  So, it got me thinking...
 I love this blog and this little amazing community!  But in order to move forward I need to get serious.  And by serious I mean FUN and committed!  I want to recommit to the reasons why I started this space and recommit to YOU!  I've got some BIG plans in the works, but before I get too involved in some of those projects I need your feedback.  Nowadays, you're BOMBARDED with TONS of information on the web and I'm not looking to waste any of your time or mine for that matter.  So, after consulting with two of my favorite bloggers for some advice, I'm asking PRETTY please with a cherry on top, for you to take a few minutes out of your busy day and complete a brief survey below!
And before you get all shy, and afraid I'll be like "whoa!!!  did she/he really just say that?!
The survey is 100% anonymous!  
So, go ahead and get all real with me.  But not so real that you call out my gray hair or the fact that the bags under my eyes are significantly bigger than last year.  But seriously, honest...real...constructive criticism of the blog is highly encouraged!
So....will you do it?!
 You're the BEST!  I knew there was a reason you've stuck around!


  1. Do you plan to update in regards to your reader's responses? This is not meant to be rude. Just curious if you plan to maintain the blog..

  2. Yes of course! You can see the results here:


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