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Monday, June 22, 2015

It's officially summer!!  And what better way than to celebrate in the great outdoors with friends, family & fun?!  After returning home from our 3,000 mile road trip, we're looking forward to grilled dinners, playing with the twins and a healthy dose of competitive game nights!  In case you missed it, last summer we shared this DIY and were thrilled to see it featured in this months All You Magazine
 Inspired by our summer game-nights we decided to make an oversized version of a classic!
An easy DIY Lawn Game of Dominoes!  Add a splash of color that screams summertime and what you've got is a weekend favorite!

This DIY is so easy and simple ~ I promise it'll be a sure-fire hit at your next backyard BBQ!

Materials Needed for a Set of 28 Dominoes:

1 Quart each of Glidden® Paint in the following colors:

Paint Brush

Paint Containers for Mixing Colors

Non-treated Pine Wood
Two 2x6x10
One 2x6x8

Miter Saw or Saw to cut wood



Cardboard for Domino Template

Cutting Tool to Create Domino Template

To Make:

Start by cutting the wood into 28 individual pieces that are 11 inches long:

Using sandpaper, smooth any rough surfaces and edges.

Because our oversized dominoes are made for outdoor use, we chose to use Glidden Paint's Premium Collection Exterior Paint, in flat.  One thing we love about Glidden Paint is that you don't have to go through a bazillion color swatches to find the one you like.  Instead, they've done all the narrowing down for you, creating a simplified palette that makes color selection a breeze!  Which, let's be honest, we'd all prefer spending time enjoying a finished project, rather than wasting endless time deciding on paint colors.
After only a couple minutes we decided on a tropical inspired, turquoise palette of Glidden Paint Peacock Blue, Glidden Paint Hawaiian Teal & Glidden Paint Muslin White.  To achieve our ombre color scheme, we painted 5 dominoes Glidden Paint Peacock Blue, 5 dominoes Glidden Paint Hawaiian Teal, and 3 dominoes in each variation below:
In planning for this DIY we assumed we'd need to paint our dominoes a minimum of two coats, possibly even three since we opted not to waste time and money priming them (this was our first time using Glidden Paint's Premium Collection Exterior Paint).  So of course I was jumping for joy when I saw how thick and amazing the coverage was on just the first coat.
And I was even more shocked to see how that the first coat dried with full coverage.  Brian couldn't believe I had only given them one coat of paint ~ and given my current case of pregnancy-brain, he kept asking are you sure this isn't two coats?!  Needless to say we were more than pleased with the results and decided not to give an unnecessary 2nd coat of paint.
While I worked on painting, Brian created our Domino Template.  Cut a piece of cardboard to size, 5.5" x 11".  Then trace and cut out 1 1/8" circles and a line in the middle (finished it will look like the green template below).  Remember: this is for a set of 28 dominoes, 6 will be the largest number.  Once your template is made, use a pencil to trace onto each domino.

Then use a small paintbrush and Glidden Paint Muslin White:
Making your individual dominoes look like this:
Once your set is done, enjoy a friendly (or competitive) game of lawn dominoes!!
To store, use a large basket or laundry bag.
Wishing you a summer filled with FUN!!!

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