Antique French Oyster Plate

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Raw, Steamed, Fried ~ doesn't matter, I love them all!
Fun Fact:  Easy way to remember oyster season ~ any month with the letter 'R'
 ~ The photos above are from a NYC trip last fall ~
So when we came across this oyster platter (in of all places Ellijay, GA) with a $20 price tag
 I was jumping for joy!
  White Majolica Sarreguemines Oyster Platter

 Here's some of our favorite decor, inspired by what else?


  1. I don't even like oysters but I LOVE this plate!

  2. What a beautiful oyster plate. I never heard of them until I went to Charleston. Shell, are you collecting them? I'm sure I can not find them at the Antique Shops out here in the West, although we do have Rocky Mountain Oysters. I've not eaten those either. Grams

    1. Grandma!! I love the idea of collecting them, but boy do they get pricey fast!! There's some beautiful elaborate ones out there, but not quite my style. So unless we find another great deal, I think this collection is out of my price range :) As far as Rocky Mt. Oysters go ~ I'm not thinking I'd like those ~ haha! love you lots!

  3. Hello! I don't know if you are interested, but I have a set of 6 white Sarreguemines oyster plates that I am selling. Feel free to email me. tlduble at hotmail dot com


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