DIY Tissue Paper Tassel

Friday, February 1, 2013

 [1]  fold tissue paper in half lengthwise  [2]  fold in half again  
[3]  cut on dotted line, leaving approx 2" at top 
[4]  unfold tissue paper back to position #2  [5]  twist center
[6]  fold over rope, use hot glue to glue tassel together near top


  1. where did you buy the tissue paper with those colors?

    1. hello! There's a gold tool that's hard to see in the photos above, I purchased that along with some of the tissue paper at Hobby Lobby. And if I remember correctly the others were purchased from Target and Papyrus ~ at the time I just used stuff I had on hand ~ trying to accomplish a monochromatic color scheme ~ white, beige, pink, bronze and gold.


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