Upcycled Wedding Invitation ~ Lucite Tray

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Upcycled Wedding Invitation ~ Wedding Ring & Jewelry Tray
This DIY is so simple, it doesn't even qualify as a project!
Every newlywed knows what it's like to have tons of leftover stationary from their wedding.  While a couple are placed in scrap books, extras sent to grandparents and relatives, most Brides are still left with a stack.  And after spending plenty of time and money designing them, why toss them out?
Our take on our upcycled invitation was as simple as purchasing a small Lucite tray that our square invite fit perfectly into.  Then we laminated it at our local office supply store ~ ensuring the invite stays neat and clean!
How easy is that?!
Our tray currently sits on our dresser and holds our wedding bands at night.  
A small reminder of a very BIG and special day!
What ways have you chosen to display your wedding memories?


  1. I framed one of my wedding invitations. I know some of my stationary will go into my scrapbook.

  2. What a good idea! I'll have to do the same thing when I get married in November.

    ~em @ small girl, big world

  3. Michelle, what a clever idea. Weren't you glad to find a tray the size of your invitation? It is a lovely accessory for your chest. Maybe you can make one later for Andrew and Melissa. It is just a nice piece in which to put jewelry, keys, other stuff men have in their pockets. (Grandpa always had lots). Grams

    1. Grams ~ I remember Grandpa always had lots of change on him ~ love you!

  4. Visiting from Bower Power -- I love the flower on the box! Such a pretty reminder of your special day!

  5. Flowers with wedding invitation are the best ideas to invite someone in your wedding.
    la wedding venue

  6. What you have there is a good and sweet idea! My sister got married last year and her stationary leftovers were cluttered around the house. It’s annoying, yet she didn’t want to throw it because they spent dimes printing it. It’s clever to think it could be upcycled to serve as a good memorabilia. Ivette Haggerty :-)


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