Glass Hurricane

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm back with another
These are items I frequently come across at my local goodwill and thrift stores ~
and while prices can range per store and location, these items typically sell for $5 or less.
Glass Hurricanes
I see a ton of these out and about and have several myself.  My favorite place to find these are consignment shops.  The one above was marked $10 and dated May 2012 ~ for every month it sits idle, the shop takes 10% off, up to 90%.  So this hurricane cost me only $1!  Others I've purchased for $2-$3 with only one costing right at $5.  So again, with patience you can easily find these for $5 or less.
Look Out For & Cleaning Advice
Scratches & Chips
Regardless of price, be sure to search for broken pieces or heavily scratched surfaces.
To clean a little soap and water goes a long way.  For sticky residue goo-be-gone works well.  Any wax can be removed by freezing it ~ rub an ice cube over it, then scrape off.  Super hot water will then remove any remaining residue.
I love using these while dining al fresco ~ speaking of which, check back later today to see our Celebrate Spring Tabletop!


  1. Michelle, happy first day of Spring. Dining alfresco sounds great for today and a good idea using a hurricane with candle. jane

  2. Happy first day of Spring to you too Grams!!!


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