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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hope you had a great weekend!  I'm back with another
Again, these are items I frequently come across at my local goodwill and thrift stores ~ and while prices can range per store and location, these items typically sell for $5 or less.
Our second feature in this mini-series is 
Vintage Milk Glass Vases
While prices on these are going up here in the South ~ they still can be found at a reasonable cost.  Most of mine were purchased for $1-$2 a piece.  The larger hobnail milk glass were purchased for $3-$5.  In antique stores and higher end thrift shops, I've seen the price go as high as $8-$12, but with patience I still frequently see these below $5.
How to Clean Milk Glass
Typically the lower cost will ensure a little dirt and grime ~ a simple solution of bleach and hot water will do the trick!  I let mine soak for about 30 minutes, 
then wash and rinse with dish detergent.
Milk Glass has been quite popular in the wedding market for the past couple years.  They make for simple vintage centerpieces.  At home, a trio works well on a kitchen counter top, a collection would be well displayed on a shelf and a single vase is a great addition to serving breakfast in bed!  (hint hint husband!)  When entertaining, Milk Glass Vases make for simple decor ~  display your recent garden blooms  when dining al fresco ~ or add them to a table for Mother's Day Brunch or Wedding & Baby Showers.

 What $5 and under find are you currently obsessed with?

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  1. White Milk Glass, my favorite. Did you know a lot of it was made by the many glass factories in my home state, Ohio?Your collection is so pretty, Michelle. Are theflowers camellias from your garden? Grams


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