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Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Monday!
Why is it always so hard to get back into everyday life after vacation?
Feeling a little slower than normal, I'm happy for the little wins & small victories.
While I'm sure you don't care to see me cleaning sinks and scrubbing floors I've been posting a few of the funner & simplier organization projects onto Instagram.  

Jewelry Organization
Small boxes were used as dividers to organize bracelets, rings & earrings.  They neatly fit in my top drawer for organized storage.  I hung some of my favorite necklaces on canvas for easy access and instant art.  To see my inspiration for this project click here.

 Closet Organization
Let me be very clear when I say Brian is a very organized person, 
but when life gets chaotic so does your closet!
I took 45 minutes to re-organize his clothes, keeping like items together then hung by color.  Sweaters, henleys, shorts and denim were folded and stacked neatly.  
To see how to fold a shirt using a magazine as a folding board, click here!

Makeup Organization
Awhile back my husband built me a behind-the-door vanity.  
With having only one bathroom, that thing has changed our life!
An acrylic shelf serves as my counter-top and acrylic spice racks from The Container Store hold and organize my makeup and hair products.  
A mirror and stool allow me to sit while blow drying my hair and 
the extra space means no more fighting over our single bathroom sink.

What small victories have you accomplished lately?

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