Munising Wooden Bowl

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

While running errands earlier today, I decided to stop by a local thrift store where
 I found this 9 inch wooden bowl.  It was marked $4 and the shop was having 25% off, so for $3 I decided to take it home.  The Munising Woodenware Company was in business from 1911-1955 and located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the town, Munising, MI.  Local maple trees were typically used and their goods were often sold in department stores.  Based on this bowls marking's, it was probably produced in the 1940's.  
To see how I restored this vintage wooden bowl, check back tomorrow!

1 comment :

  1. I have one of the Munising bowls. It belonged to my grandmother. A precious hand-me-down. On the bottom of the bowl it says "MUNISING 2nd"


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