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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guess what time it is?!
The Country Living Fair Atlanta is just a couple days away and I'm getting excited!
My mom and I have made it a Girl's Weekend tradition the past couple years and we no doubt will be attending again this year.
It's pretty much like Christmas for those who love all things vintage and handmade!
What?  You've never been?!
Well, take a seat, I've got your go-to guide to make it a fun & successful weekend!

First things first ~ tickets.
You can buy them here, which I strongly suggest you do prior to the weekend.  They do have ticket sales day of, but of course they cost more and
 you'll have to wait in line to purchase them.

Early Bird Weekend Pass vs Regular Weekend Pass
 If you love one of a kind vintage items, the Early Bird is the way to go!  Think with any yard or estate sale, the good things go first.  With the Early Bird you're given early admission ~ an hour and a half before the event opens to the public.  And the best part is some vendors give discounts during this time and you're not having to fight the crowds!  But, of course the cost is significantly more.  So, if you're not planning to buy a lot of vintage and antique items, and you don't mind the crowds, you may want to go with the regular ticket.

What to Bring
  A large tote 
You'll want to have a bag large enough to carry your small purchases.  A lot of the people also bring those rolling carts to carry their goods.  For larger items there are porters on hand to haul off your finds and bring them to your car.

Bring plenty of cash
Only a limited number of vendors accept credit cards so be sure to have cash on hand.
(there is an ATM on property should you run out)

What to Wear
Comfortable Shoes
Stone Mountain is a straight up woodsy park!  While the event does have sidewalks, most vendors are set up throughout the trees, so watch out for roots and stumps.  Also, there are a lot of booths and vendors, so plan to do a lot of walking.

For the most part everyone is dressed super casual.  I have noticed a lot of women will accessorize with colorful scarves or fun jewelry.  So dress comfortably, but don't be afraid to show your personality.

Be sure to check the weather forecast, but this year it looks like it will be a chilly start with the lows in the 30s!  So be sure to bring a coat and mittens, especially those of you attending in the morning!  

There are plenty of food trucks serving up lunch or a needed snack.
There's also typically a vendor that serves coffee ~ but be aware that in the mornings this line is long ~ so you may want to bring your first cup.

What to Buy
Be sure to check out the vendor list prior to going to see who is selling any given year.

Vintage and Antique Finds
You'll find an array of vintage and antique items.  Think schoolhouse chalkboards, wooden dough bowls,  furniture, ironstone and more

Handmade Items
There are a lot of vendors who sell their crafts.  From hand sewn totes, clothes and baby bibs to handmade jewelry and art, there's a craft vendor for all tastes.

Holiday Decor
Needing Christmas Ornaments or a festive table runner?  
This is the perfect place to stock up on decor.

My Past Purchases
In the past two years, I've bought a random assortment of small goods ~ from vintage flashcards to silver flatware.  Last year I purchased this Main Street Sign:
Then two years ago, after my Mom bought these theater chairs:
I went and copied her and bought these from Cari Cucksey:
Needless to say, the Country Living Fair has something for everyone!

Will you be attending the Country Living Fair Atlanta this year?!


  1. YES! Can't go until Sunday though because we're heading to the Moonshine Festival on Saturday! :)

  2. Yes! Me & my girlfriends have plans to go first thing in the morning! :)


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