DIY Rosemary Letter Wreath

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I am loving all the monogram holiday wreaths that are popping up everywhere!  A couple weeks ago I shared this easy, festive and oh-so-fragrant DIY over at The Handmade Home ~ for those of you not familiar with Ashley & Jamin ~ you have to check out their amazing home & blog!  Not only are they super talented, but they're super nice people!   So to spread a little holiday joy your way, I wanted to re-share this DIY here with you!  Inspired, I decided to use items I had on hand to make my own; rosemary from our garden and hangers that we get from the dry cleaners.  Don't have rosemary in the backyard?  No worries, you can find them at most home improvement stores or nurseries this time of year.  Or, go get creative and try other greenery you have on hand.  Here's how I made ours:   
 To hang my letters, I secured ornament hooks to the back, then attached each one to small nails tied with bows.
I also wanted to make a simple monogram.  
A large S is now hanging from our kitchen cabinet.
I'm loving the fragrance that these bring into our kitchen, so whether your entertaining this holiday season, or needing a hostess gift for someone else, spread the joy with a personalized DIY Letter Wreath! 
And...if you love rosemary as much as I do, check out my new favorite holiday hostess gift: 
Wishing you all a very festive and joyful Holiday Season!!


Since writing this post for The Handmade Home, I received a couple requests asking about the longevity of this wreath ~ I would compare the lifespan to a good bouquet of flowers.  Over the first couple days the fragrance is amazing and the vibrant green color lasts for about a week (depending on how you dry it).  So, if giving it as a hostess gift I would suggest making it as close to the day as you plan to gift it.  Here's what ours looked like three and half weeks after making it:
The rosemary leaves have darkened, but have not turned completely brown yet.  When drying Rosemary I typically have the best luck cutting the stems early in the day, then drying in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. Depending on where & how it’s stored, I typically see the leaves turn brown around weeks 2-3. So, like a good bouquet of flowers, enjoy it while lasts, but this wreath won't last forever.


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  2. SO cute, Michelle! Love love love the bows.

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