Mail Organization

Thursday, January 2, 2014

If you're like me you still receive most of your bills the old fashion way, along with plenty of junk mail and the occasional magazine or catalog.  In just a couple of days its amazing how much mail can accumulate and before you know it it's taken over your life.    
The key to keeping the clutter down is to designate a space (a messy pile on the kitchen counter doesn't count) and implementing a simple filing system. 

I'm a huge fan of Magazine Holders, they keep paper and clutter out of sight, 
but also allow easy access.  Manila folders are cheap and effective, 
throw a label on it for simple filing.
Once you've designated your mail center stick to these tasks daily.  
1. Don't allow junk mail into your home!  Before you step through the door, toss any unwanted mail in your recycling bin.  2. Masses of un-opened mail can be daunting!  
So open it all up and toss any unwanted envelopes etc. into recycling.
 3. File your contents in your designated mail center.  
This ensures anything you plan to keep or read later stays neat & organized.


  1. Michelle...thanks for the timely tips. I spent the day today, in the midst of a huge snowstorm, sorting, filing, and recycling my "I'll get to it later" stash! As soon as the snow stops falling and the temperature climbs into positive numbers, I'm heading out to buy magazine holders!

    Love to you and Bri....Aunt B

    1. Keep up the momentum! It was great seeing you over the holidays, although not long enough ;) xo


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