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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Under Bed Linen Storage
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!  Brian and I are in full organization mode ~ cleaning out the attic, making a yard sale pile, introducing new purpose into existing spaces and even redefining new spaces.  And with any smaller house, the key is to maximize storage space.  We don't have a closet in the guest bedroom and awhile back, we introduced these baskets under the day bed to increase storage space.  They've been wonderful to store extra linens, however, we've run into one major problem...
When I go to pull linens out for guests or to quickly pull out a pillow cover they're covered in dog hair!!!  As if Rawley had rolled all over them.  In our house, dog hair is a never-ending battle.  No matter how much we brush Rawley or vacuum the floors, there always seems to be a small poodle's worth of dog hair in the house.  
What was once a clean bed sheet is now a clean bed sheet covered in dog hair.  I found myself constantly having to re-launder items in order to use them.  So, to still maximize the under bed storage space and continue to store extra linens there, I invested in these Peva Storage Chests.  And they have been life changing!  I love that they're clear for easy viewing and the zipper allows for quick and easy storage.  Clean linens guaranteed to avoid the dog hair? ~ I'll take it!

What organization projects are keeping you busy this January?


  1. Great idea! We also have a small house with limited storage and a large, hairy dog :) I've always wanted to take advantage of under bed storage but have resisted because of the dog hair. Thanks for sharing. Total "d'oh" moment!

  2. So smart. We have two mini aussies and they shed like crazy! Usually it's in clumps, so I can just pick them up (Gross), but this is brilliant. :)

  3. Good idea ,and I Love that bedroom :)

  4. Michelle -- Love it! This is the answer to my guest linens in our lower level closet! I think you know the spot I'm referring to.

  5. This is a great idea and I love the container store! Thanks for the great post. I am in big time organizing mode over here too! Summer, www.simplestylings.com

  6. I almost didn't read this post when I saw the title because I instantly thought I would LOVE to store my linens under the bed in pretty baskets, but they would get covered in dog hair - I have a golden retriever. But because I love everything you do I scrolled down. You solved my problem! Shame on my for judging a book my it's cover right? Question about the bags though....do your sheets smell like plastic when you take them out? I know you could put a dryer sheet in or a lavendar sachet, but sometimes that plastic smell trumps all.

    1. Hi, Amy ~ this is an awesome call out! ( I'll try to include this in the post above) ~ these clear bags did have that "plastic" smell ~ especially new. I ended up cleaning all of my sheets etc right before storing them in these bags and I also included a couple dryer sheets to each. The combo of the two seemed to do the trick ~ haven't noticed any of that fake plastic smell on the linens :)

  7. The bags sound like a great idea, but I'm really loving your linens. Particularly the coral colored one labeled [something] Pillow. Source?

  8. A perfect way to ORGANIZE the weird things I have to store under my kids' beds. Thank you!


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