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Monday, August 4, 2014

 I'm always on the lookout for cute stationery and have been on an ongoing search for the best white gel pen.  I find most to be too weak, too runny or too frustrating to use.  So when I came across this one last week, I just had to share!  

Meet the uni-ball SIGNO broad white gel pen.  It's easy to use and the color saturation is great for dark stationary, it practically pops off this navy envelope!  And while I'm no calligraphist, this pen writes silky smooth with consistent even flow, making snail mail once again fun to create!
Have you found a new product that's too good to keep a secret?
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  1. Definitely plan to get this pen. Looks great. Gel pens drive me crazy when they cut in and out at times...may be user error on my part :)

  2. As a stamper (makes cards) this is the pen to have. A tip: sometimes you need to touch the tip of the pen to your finger for a second or two before using. You have beautiful penmanship.
    Jean McGee


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