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Thursday, August 14, 2014

If there was one thing I wish had been readily available in cute patterns during my college years, it's washi tape!  Seriously, I would have covered everything from notebooks to pens to my computer keyboard with that stuff!  So when asked to create a simple Dorm Room Decor for The Handmade Home a couple weeks ago, I knew exactly what I'd do to spruce up my dorm room!
  All too often dorm rooms are bare and boring and to make things worse, you can't paint, drill or nail into any walls, leaving the space with something to be desired.  To give your walls an artful display (while abiding by the rules) use decorative washi tape, gift wrap and personal touches; taking your space from generic to top of the class!

For this gallery wall, washi tape is used both functionally and decoratively.  I purchased all three decorative tapes from Paper Source, the gold glitter found here, the gold dot here and the blue and white stripe fabric tape is this brand.   Display favorite quotes and recent instagram pics (I simply printed mine at home on watercolor paper), then frame them out with washi tape or create a mini banner.  For cheap and pretty art, use wrapping paper (this is also perfect for lining book shelves or to use as wallpaper).  I chose this Mint Floral Wrapping Paper for a feminine-anthro vibe.  Have fun customizing a gallery wall that's personal to you while adding some personality to your dorm room!

Headed off to college?
Or remembering the days when you did?
What did you do to spruce up your dorm room?


  1. Adorable! 20 (wow) years ago when I first moved into my freshman dorm my roommate and I did something similar. We took wrapping paper and covered bulletin boards in the room with it and trimmed the sides in ribbon. It looked so sweet! Of course we also had concert posters and those ubiquitous Absolute vodka ads too :)

  2. Hi, sweet Shell, I've enjoyed your bogs recently, sorry I haven't written. Gee, wish I could go back to college and decorate the dorm room. Ours were so drab in the 1950's and we were not allowed to put anything on the walls. I hope you are feeling ok, will think of you in Charleston having fun with Brenda. LOL, Grams

  3. Love this.Yours is so much better then the naked men from a playgirl magazine that my roommate taped all over her side of the room. It was hideous.

  4. Aww. Is that a picture of the cousin and me!

  5. Do you know if Washi tape sticks well to textured walls?

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