33 Weeks Pregnant | Twins

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another week down!  And these two are officially going to be fall babies!  

Brian and I spent this weekend trying to tie up any and all loose ends.  To say you never really feel completely prepared is an understatement ~ this mama continues to nest.  But bags are packed and we're super excited!  We'd love to make it to our official due date, but after a few preterm scares and our last hospital stay giving me the steroid shots for lung & brain development, we're kinda feeling like "it could happen any day".  (By writing this, I'm hoping to make it to our actual D-Day proving my mommy instincts to be wrong) 
So, while I wait patiently to meet these two, I'm enjoying these lazy, quiet fall days.  Appreciating the little moments and getting geared up for the great, big, wonderful adventure ahead!

33 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

HOW BIG ARE THE BABIES?  We find out in another week (hoping both are at least 4.5lbs)

EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS THIS WEEK:  My bump seems to grow daily, meaning these babies must be growing!!!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  When Brian now talks or sings to the bump, the twins respond with a dance party!   

CRAVINGS:  Chocolate Chip Cookies


WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO:   Our 34 week ultrasound, we'll find out weights and officially make it past our goal week!!


  1. You are gorgeous!! Prayers your way!!!

  2. How cute are you! Praying for a safe delivery.

  3. Rose @ http://muchloveroseblog.tumblr.com
    I am new to your blog and can I tell you how beautiful you look - what great pictures.
    Enjoy the lazy days before you deliver. I'm sure you are so excited for the birth of your little ones.
    God Bless you and your new little babies. Have a safe and healthy delivery.
    Looking forward to watching them grow...Have a wonderful day. Rose

  4. I love your updates. Fantastic news, and you are a glowing, beautiful mom! Enjoy the time because they will be here before you know it!

  5. You are so cute!! I met your aunt Sherry at my sister-in-law, Tina's birthday party last week. We discussed me blog, Chocolate and Sunshine, and then she told me all about yours, which I already followed. Now, I'll follow more religiously since I know Sherry and can't wait to meet your kiddos. Best to you!

  6. How exciting!! Sending good thoughts your way. You look fantastic, as always! xo

  7. You are without a doubt the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen. I relate to your chocolate chip cookie cravings, except I'm not pregnant at all.
    So excited for you, Michelle!!! Wishing you a smooth delivery day <3

  8. Looking good!! I hope they stay cozy in your belly for a couple more weeks and you make it to your goal! We haven't set a goal yet - I'm battling being realistic vs what I want… 34, 36, 38… Can't wait for the next update!

  9. You are gorgeous and adorable as ever! I love your updates! Thinking of you guys...

  10. Congratulations! You're on the home stretch! My doc wasn't going to let me go past 38 weeks, but thankfully mine came at 37 1/2. You got this, good luck on the weeks to come!


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