Chevron Herringbone Accent Wall

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Last week we shared our twin nursery progress and many of you asked about our wood accent wall.  We were super pleased with how it turned out and even more excited that the total cost came in right under $40!  The hardest part was deciding on measurements, once that was taken care of, the cutting and install were done rather quickly and pretty straight forward to execute.  Making this Chevron Herringbone Accent Wall an easy DIY!


Our small, 100 sq. ft. nursery has definitely brought on some design challenges and after deciding to paint the nursery white, we knew we wanted to have plenty of texture and color on the walls without plastering a ton of frames everywhere.  The wall we were most challenged with happened to be right behind our new white glider making that corner of the room looking washed out and way too white (even for this gal who loves a good neutral space!)
We originally thought to leave the door on the left natural, then debated staining it a dark stain, but ultimately decided to paint it white based on another idea we have.  So, once again, we were left with needing to bring warmth and texture to this little nook.  We love how our wood accent wall turned out in our bedroom and ultimately wanted to re-create that look in a new way for the nursery.  So, after going over multiple options and being inspired by other chevron and herringbone feature walls, we decided to install our own chevron herringbone accent wall made of cedar.  

First things first, we measured out the space.  We wanted this to look more like a piece of hung art, rather than a feature that spanned the entire width and height of the space, plus none of our walls, floors or ceilings are perfectly square, so we decided to leave a border around our accent wall.  The blue dashed line below represents our pencil marks.  We  used the center line as our guide when installing each board, ensuring our accent wall came out straight.
Once our measurements were decided, Brian used these 3/4" x 3" x 8' cedar boards, cutting them to size using parallel 90 degree cuts on each end of the individual boards.  One thing to note, for our particular sizing, the top and bottom 3 rows require perpendicular 90 degree cuts.  (this sounds way more confusing than it is, these boards were cut to be parallel to the floor or ceiling rather than the side walls) 
Before installing, layout all your pieces.  This step was crucial for us since we decided to leave the cedar boards natural.  We were able to rearrange boards based on color and texture.
To install use a spacer to ensure constant spacing between each board, we used a 1" spacer.
And because we have the benefit of solid wood walls behind our drywall we used common black dry wall screws to adhere each board to the wall (2 screws per board).
By using our center pencil line, Brian was able to easily get each board attached.
We hung this mirror that we found on sale:
And there you have it ~ an easy wood chevron herringbone accent wall.


  1. I love this! So beautiful! I haven't even started on our nursery, by the way. Maybe I should get around to doing that. haha! I just shared this post on my FB page cause I love it so much!

    -Erin @ DIY on the Cheap

  2. So cool! Where did you get your glider?

  3. I need you to know that this is incredible. I LOVE the way that mirror looks with the wall! It's perfect <3

  4. This is so awesome Michelle! I can't believer they're just plain boards! You are crazy talented! Love!

  5. Hey there! I found you on Instagram and thought I'd check out your blog!
    This is the coolest accent wall I've ever seen! I love that you chose to keep the boards natural- looks so fresh and clean!

  6. Wow, what an amazing wall treatment and such a fun accent for a nursery. Love your style Michelle!

  7. I just love this Michelle! It makes all the difference in that little space!

  8. This is beautiful! I just found your blog today - love it!!!


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