Burt's Farm | A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 23, 2014

With fall in our midst and the twins impending arrival, Brian and I have been taking full advantage of these relaxing autumn weekends.  In wanting to try something new and not buy my pumpkins from the grocery store (what a novel idea: buy your pumpkins from the source - who knew?!), two weekends ago, Brian and I decided to take a day trip to North Georgia to visit Burt's Farm.
This place by far exceeded our expectations and turned out to be more than just a farm stand with a few small pumpkins.  They offer a multitude of pumpkin varieties and sizes range from under a pound to upwards of 150 pounds ~ I mean look at these pumpkins below!

They have a country store, hayrides and serve delights like pumpkin loafs and funnel cakes.  But plan to get there early as this place gets crowded!  Admission is free and pumpkin prices are beyond reasonable.  The drive from Atlanta took about an hour, but the photo op alone is worth the trip!

We plan to go again next year with the twins and hope to make pumpkin picking a fall must each October.  What other fall favorites do you share with your family?


  1. Those minty green/whitish guys are so cool!! Beautiful place :)

  2. Beautiful!!! How are you both so photographically talented!!! Love it!


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