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Monday, March 23, 2015

Aw I loathe thee.
You make me wish for a quieter start in a place by the sea.
If it were up to me, I'd wake up in
with His and Hers coffee to start the day...
In a serene environment, best described by the owners...
For our first shop,which opened in February 2012 in Charleston's historic Harleston Village neighborhood, we wanted to create a serene, almost colorless space.  We ditched all that extra stuff and kept only the things we loved: custom-built tables made from heart pine wood used in the construction of Charleston’s oldest buildings, a stand-up bar with wrought iron stools, and a few black-and-white family photographs.
And if you think you'll start the day early, keep in mind you're on Charleston time.  This place opens at 7am on weekdays and forget it on the weekends.  The first cup of joe isn't poured until 8am!
If it were up to me, Black Tap Coffee in Charleston is where I'd be...

Where would you rather be on this Monday morning?

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