Weekend Stroll With Our City Select Double Stroller

Monday, March 9, 2015

I love our stroller.
Like love, love, love our stroller.
Which sounds silly, but as a new mom to twins I need all the extra help I can get.
After a lot of searching, we ended up going with
the 2014 Baby Jogger City Select and added the second seat making it a double stroller.  Hands down the best investment we've made thus far with baby gear!  In researching twin strollers, it became apparent that there were two major criteria I wanted in a stroller...
A) I wanted an inline stroller and preferably one with stadium seating.  I knew that a side by side double stroller would just be too big and bulky for our everyday outings and wanted something that could easily fit along city sidewalks and take up as little space as possible as we strolled through our grocery store aisles.
B)  I wanted a stroller that was car seat adaptable.  There's something to be said about not waking a sleeping baby, let alone two sleeping babies, and I knew that having the ability to grab the car seats out of the car, baby and all, and easily snap it to our stroller would be the key to daily errands and travel alike.
In the world of strollers there's a bazillion options, but when it comes to double strollers the choices are somewhat limiting.  So, after some research, we decided on the City Select in color silver and originally planned to go with a silver frame.  To help with some of the costs we threw a yard sale, which I shared in this post here.  And after searching high and low for the silver frame (apparently last year it was in high demand), we found a store locally that promised us they had one.  When we went to purchase it, the silver frame turned out to be a black one and the very generous manager offered us 50% off the single stroller for their mistake.  50% off?!?  Silver?  Black?  who cares!  And the funny thing is now, after using the stroller for 4 months, I'm so happy we ended up with the black frame.  It hides scratches and ware so well!  
Now back to the part about a stroller that's car seat adaptable.  This feature has been way more valuable than I could have expected!  Genius I tell you!  For the first four months we only used the stroller with the car seats and only recently started using the included seats for walks.  Here's what the stroller looks like with our car seats:
 Because this stroller only accommodates select car seats, we ended up going with the UppaBaby Mesa.  We liked its safety ratings, compact size and ability to easily snap onto our stroller.  In addition to those two main points this stroller pushes easily, is a smooth ride for the kids and has a gigantic underseat basket that comes in handy for all the stuff I now schlep around!  It also has limitless possibilities for configuration ~ face both seats out, face both seats towards you, face the seats towards each other, and so on.  Something that will come in handy as the twins get older.  As cheesy as it sounds, this stroller has given me wheels!  The best thing I've done for myself these past few months is to get out of the house.  This stroller has made walking the neighborhood a joy and has made running errands simple (or as simple as they can be with newborn twins).  And more importantly its given me the confidence and freedom to leave the house alone with twins, something so many people told me would be impossible without help (and if you're expecting twins don't listen to those people ~ me, P & K have been gallivanting all around town since they were born, just the three of us, it's totally possible!)  But of course we'd much rather have Brian with us, making our weekend strolls that much better!


  1. Greetings from Boston. I have stroller envy and shorts envy!! I really like the way the black body goes with the silver canopies. Have fun with K and P!

  2. We have a baby jogger stroller and it is by far the best baby product we have. Every time I pull it out, I fall in love. This looks great for two kids!

  3. LOVE our City Select as well! Best purchase we made for baby #2. You'll love how it grows with the girls.

  4. I have that same stroller for my four month old twin boys and I love it! Because of that stroller, I'm able to go out just the three of us all the time. I can't wait to move up to the actual seats soon. I just know they are going to love walks even more when they are no longer in their car seats.


  5. I know this is an older post but I am desperately searching for a set of those baby jogger/Uppababy mesa adapters. They are discontinued and impossible to find. If you are willing to sell please let me know! Brandi.sanchez02@gmail.com

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