Ranunculus & Larkspur | Flower Arrangement

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Imagine my surprise, when this pretty & perfect bouquet arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.

The white ranunculus blooms paired with the pink larkspur flowers were just too pretty not to share with you!  So, who could be so thoughtful & sweet to send some cheer my way?!
My absolute favorite bloggers...
Bridget & Casey from The DIY Playbook!  
These two blogging besties are talented, smart, creative and wicked good business women!  And they're nice.  Genuinely...sincerely...NICE, GOOD people!  Case in point...this floral happy mail!  So, after smiling from ear to ear, I grabbed a vintage vase, and took some time this afternoon to stop and smell the roses...er ranunculus!
Thanks Bridget & Casey...
I love you bunches!!
(see what I did there?!)


Wanting to send some floral mail to brighten someone's day?
The bouquet above can be purchased here.


  1. They really are the sweetest and those flowers are a perfect fit for them and for you! Thinking of you much!

  2. Dear Michelle~
    I'm hoping all is well with you.
    Enjoy your beautiful flowers
    Much love,

  3. Well this is the sweetest surprise ever! We're so happy you received the flowers and they're just as gorgeous as you are!

    Miss you!

    B & C

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