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Friday, September 9, 2016

P & K are turning two later this fall!  Yeah..TWO!  And with toddlers comes a lot of stuff.  A.LOT.OF.STUFF!  To keep them busy, entertained and learning, we've introduced art and craft supplies into their space.  Mornings are currently spent creating 'works of art'... handprints, abstracts and fingerpainting are the mediums of choice.  And who knew stickers could provide endless opportunities of fun?!  But with two little Picassos comes a whole lot of chaos during art time.  Not to mention, where are you suppose to store all these supplies?!  I love on Pinterest how organized buckets of crayons and paint supplies are artfully displayed on children's craft tables.  However, our 'craft table' is also their 'play table' and 'dining table'.  And a bucket of crayons would only entice my little ones to draw all over the house.  My dilemma?

 How can we organize our art supplies so they're easily accessible, while also being tucked away when not in use?!


Did you hear?!  Our site moved, so come visit us at the new IRONANDTWINE.COM!


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