Last Minute Memorial Day Party Idea | Bring Your Own Blue

Sunday, May 26, 2013

BYOB | Bring Your Own Blue
A quick, easy, fun Memorial Day Backyard Bash!  
Whether you're just now deciding on having friends over, or wanting simple decor for your family gathering, this fuss-free idea ensures a quick setup and easy clean up.  
Kraft paper serves as a table runner and brown paper bags for centerpieces.  
Keep the decor to red & white and ask guests to bring something blue, 
either by wearing blue clothing or bringing a blueberry dessert.  
Keep the menu simple with hot dogs and hamburgers, serve root beer floats and have the centerpieces filled with peanuts for guests to enjoy.  Leave crayons out for the kids and encourage them to decorate the kraft paper table runner.
For adults, a bottle of BBQ sauce (Sticky Fingers is our favorite) can serve as a place setting along with a take home party favor.  
Paper plates and disposable utensils ensure a quick cleanup.  A help yourself  bbq buffet allows guests to customize their meal and ensures the host has just as much fun!
For a how to on the table runner & centerpieces see below.


For the Star Centerpieces, cut brown paper lunch bags in half. 
 To make your star stencil, print a star on a piece of cardstock, or any thick paper, we used an index card.  Then cut is out.  Use white paint for your design ~ a paint brush or sponge will do the trick.  If you have a white paint pen, that would work as well.

 For your table runner ~ simply roll out white kraft paper and cut to length.
 For our red stripes, we rolled out red grosgrain ribbon.  If you don't have ribbon, you could paint red stripes on, or even better, ask the kids to help by using crayons or markers!

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Michelle, Ilove your ideas for tomorrow. Don't you like the hobnail glasses. I was lucky to get some for mother's day. Thanks again for your wonderful help with my computer. Grams


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