Backyard Update

Monday, June 3, 2013

Recently, we've been putting in some serious time in the backyard.  Removing overgrown brush, mulching, and overall landscaping.  On our recent trip to Lowes we picked up a couple hydrangeas and a few more items for our garden.
 To the side of our back porch we have a huge bare spot that highlights our vintage
 (aka slightly dilapidated) chain link fence.  While the fence is there to stay, 
at least for now, we decided to plant some hydrangeas that will hopefully grow larger in the years ahead.  We're also considering planting ivy or a climbing rose vine 
to grow throughout the chain link fence with the goal of concealing it.  
Anyone who's done something similar with a chain link fence ~ we'd love to hear from you! 
With plenty of trial and error with our garden, this year we decided to keep it simple.  
A couple varieties of tomato plants, plenty of herbs including German Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Cilantro, Chives & Mint, Jalapenos, banana peppers, pimento peppers and my favorite cucumbers!  If you live in the Atlanta area, we've had amazing success with our cucumber plants the past few years!
 We also decided to mulch our garden this year ~ after reading some of the pros, like repelling weeds and managing soil water we'll see if this helps yield a better garden.
In addition to our railroad tie garden, we planted a small garden bed bordered by found rocks on our property ~ yes all of those rocks were found hidden under lots of overgrown brush.  We don't plan to keep it this way, but for the time being it's working out great for our pumpkin patch!
 Our backyard is slowly taking shape and for the first time actually looks like a backyard!  
We're enjoying the extra living space and are really excited for our plans ahead.

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  1. Seeing your garden made me homesick for the south and Midwest. It is not very green here in the mountains but the tops are snow covered and look beautiful against the blue sky. Grams


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