The Misadventures of Home Ownership

Monday, June 10, 2013

I hope everyone had a good weekend!
Let's just say ours won't go down as the best weekend we've ever had.
We knew when we bought our older home that it would come with plenty of pros,
 like buying in a neighborhood we otherwise couldn't afford and allowing us to make upgrades as we saw fit.  By DIYing most of them, we're able to save money and invest sweat equity into our property.  But with any fixer-upper there are plenty of cons,  
and in the past three years we've really been quite lucky in that department.

...a week ago our air condition stopped working.  The symptoms:
The outside unit and thermostat were working just fine, but there was no air flow throughout the house.  We first tried turning off power to the house to ensure it wasn't a simple fix.  When that didn't work, we assumed it was a problem with the fan.  A quick call to our home owners insurance, a couple days wait, and then a five minute fix by a technician.  It ended up being the capacitor.  
Price tag ~ the $75 service fee, our co-pay with insurance.
AC back on, no biggie, right?

Then a couple days later, on Thursday evening, Brian and I returned home from work to find the house temp in the upper 80's!  Symptoms this time around:
The thermostat seems to be working, but now the outside unit isn't turning on and of course no airflow whatsoever.  Another phone call to our home owners insurance, this time, we'd have to wait through the weekend ~ currently waiting now.  

Yesterday, we finally decided to beat the heat and run some errands ~ we pretty much hung out in the freezer section of our grocery store for quite sometime.  
When we arrived home we were greeted by a flooded laundry room.  The good news ~ 
we haven't done any renovations in there, so no need to cry over spilt milk.  And thank goodness my dad is an awesome handy man!  We made an emergency call to him and described the situation.  He advised we turn the pilot light off, turn off the valve that brings water into the tank and then attach our hose to the bottom spigot to drain any remaining water.  From first glance we think the bottom rusted out and therefore the massive leak.  By turning off the water heater, we now only have cold water, but with the AC out, do we really need hot water?! ha

So, I write this with ice pack in hand and a glass of cold water, 
while waiting on two technicians!
Gotta love this old house!

We know most of you have been there, done that!
We'd love for you to share those stories with us in the comments below!


  1. Oh Shell,
    Brings back such memories! One hot summer in Dallas (over 100 degrees for 60 days in a row!). Our ac went out in our first house (an old, charming fixer upper similar to yours). The ac technician was overbooked and finally showed up at our house at midnight - it was only 90 degrees at that time of night! The poor man hadn't slept in 2 days - but was finally able to fix it. You soon learn to appreciate the basics - cool air, hot water etc.
    Hang in there - the good news is you won't have to worry about the water heater for another 10 years or so :)
    Ahhh - home ownership - don't we love it?! - A. beth

    1. Great story Bethie!! Isn't it funny how these are the stories you remember and laugh about most! Brian and I are just shocked it's taken this long for a major appliance to break :) And yes, I have a new found appreciation for cool air and hot water!! Sometimes we forget how good we have it!


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