Antique Hutch

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recently I updated our house tour and never gave additional details on our newest furniture addition.  The antique hutch was found at City Antiques in Roswell, GA.  
What sold us on the piece was it's phenomenal condition, including the original glass, 
and we loved that it happened to be on the smaller side for a two piece hutch.  When we purchased the hutch, someone had white washed it, with some intentional distressing, however, it still had some ware and the cool white tone (more blue/grey white) wasn't working against our Benjamin Moore Hush painted walls.  
After debating between paint or spray paint, we decided to go with our favorite, 
See our how to below:
Before painting any piece of furniture 
first take off all hardware and remove any drawers.
 We used a medium grit sandpaper to smooth our surface 
and then used a dusting sponge to clean and clear the piece of any dirt or dust.
When painting outside, use a painters canvas or plastic to protect the grass, 
and use wooden boards to help prop up furniture.
While sometimes a tedious task, taping is key to ensure a good job ~ don't skip this step!
 If you're not planning on painting the inside of the piece, 
don't forget to tape and/or cover those spaces as well. 
 Once the piece is ready, use steady gradual strokes to spray the piece, 
keeping each coat thin and allow significant drying time between coats. 
 The top of the hutch (right side) is painted.
 Nerd Alert ~ my absolute favorite thing about painting?!
Removing the tape!!! 
Give the piece plenty of time to fully dry before moving it indoors, 
nothings worse than a set of fingerprints on a newly coated piece!  
And there you have it!  Our quick update for a vintage hutch! 

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