How To Decoupage A Wooden Box

Friday, September 6, 2013

 It's time to get crafty!  And truth be told I haven't used Mod Podge since 7th grade!  While roaming around Hobby Lobby I came across this green ikat paper for 59 cents a piece and then went in search for a wooden box.  The one I bought was $3.49.  The 16fl oz bottle of Mod Podge ~ Paper in Matte was $6 (after using my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon) ~ and at most I maybe used $.75 worth of the bottle.  The foam brush, pencil & scissors I had at home. Making this project roughly $5.50!
 Depending on the box you purchase, you may want to give it a light sand if the surface is rough.  With mine, all I needed to do was remove the elastic fastener.
 I originally planned to trace the outline of my box on paper, cut it out then apply, but because my box had rounded corners it was easier to glue the paper on first (do this by applying a thin coat of mod podge directly to the box), allow it to dry a couple minutes then carefully use scissors to cut around the edges.  I started with the bottom and sides first, then made my way to the top and front.
 In my case I had a wooden 'button' I needed to work around, so I cut an X in the paper where the button could easily fit into to. 
 Once the box was covered with paper I painted on a final thin coat of mod podge.  Once that dried I used my pencil to poke through to the original holes and added the original elastic fastener. 
 There you have it!
A SUPER easy craft that would be perfect to store pencils & markers on a desk, organize your jewelry on a vanity or add some color to a book shelf.  Be sure to think outside the box, wrapping paper always comes in great prints and would be great for larger projects!


  1. Hi, Ashley! We too have been married (almost 4 years) ~ too long to still consider ourselves newlyweds?! Of course not! I figure I have another year until we consider ourselves an old married couple :) Thanks for taking the time to say hello ~ I can't wait to spend some time on your blog today!

  2. Hey Michelle, it was so nice to meet you yesterday, sorry I lost you guys somehow! I love this box and it will be shared on my FB page tonight!

  3. Hi there - i love this box, it's so cute. I know it was a while ago but do you remember where you got it from as I've been looking for something similar?


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