Do What Makes Cents...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Sunday Funday!
After the holidays we all could stand to pinch some extra pennies. So as you're out and about these next couple weeks, seeking organizational supplies don't forget to do some simple math and do what makes cents.  

All too often we bypass an item strictly due to its color. In the example above these copper colored baskets (which were way brighter and more orange than the photo) were on a major discount at my local Lowes.  Not at all the color I needed, but a simple stop in the spray paint aisle and this silver hammered color gave my baskets a galvanized-like finish.  Look at an item as if it were in black & white, more times than not it can easily be painted.  If it happens to be the right size, shape & price then go for it!  At the same time, paint can sometimes be an unnecessary extra expense.  So do your homework, shop around and do what makes saves the most cents!

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