Small Room Makeover | Part 1: Taking Down The Ceiling

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You know those places that are left neglected in your house for years?  
Well our bonus ~ tv room ~ small nook ~ is that place for us.  Besides adding some blinds, a couch and tv, we've done nothing in there.  Not even paint the rosey-beige colored walls?!  So after our announcement of expecting twins, we've finally decided it's high time to get this room finished.  Too small to become the nursery, we plan to use it for a tv ~ play room ~ very small guest room.  
First thing on the to-do is to get rid of those horrid acoustic ceiling panels.  It reminded us of our grade school classrooms and left this room with something to be desired.  They also provided no insulation whatsoever leaving the room cold and drafty in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer.  We're also pretty sure a large rodent had recently chosen the attic space above as his new home.  So not wanting any new tenants, and hoping to add some character to the space, Brian took the ceiling panels down.
He also removed the molding, cleaned out the little insulation that resided in the attic and then cleaned the cross beams.  
 After further inspection, we decided to expose the cross beams.  They'd add some interest to the room, while also allowing the ceiling to be higher.  The plan is to add insulation to the attic space and install a tongue and groove ceiling. 
We're super excited to finally get this project started!  And we'd love to know what projects in your home you've been putting off?

Wishing you a happy day!


  1. Love the idea of exposing the cross beams!

  2. Sounds like y'all have some neat plans for this room...looking forward to the reveal.


  3. any update on this? i would love to see the final result


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