Vintage Shirt Dress

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

$5 and under Thrift Store Find
You know how much I LOVE hunting for vintage finds at thrift stores & flea markets, but I pretty much NEVER look through the clothes.  Mainly because I'm impatient and the thought of having to spend a lot of time going through racks, then trying stuff on, kinda bums me out.  But when I came across this Navy Printed Shirt Dress at local thrift store, it had me reconsidering my no clothes rule.  A quick stop in the fitting room and $5 bucks later & it was mine.  It's the perfect dress for fall ~ roll up the sleeves, add a belt and a brown leather tote for an easy fall outfit.

Do you shop for vintage clothing?  
Share with us your tips in the comments below ~ pretty please!


  1. Gee, a great dress. I had several like it and they are so comfortable. Of course back then we had to wear panty hose with them. Ha! Grams

  2. Oh, my gosh, I swear I had a dress just like this in high school. I loved it. The belt and tote look fab with it! :)


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