Blogiversary and a Birthday

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh Happy Day!
First off, today marks our first Blogiversary!!  Yup, one year ago Iron & Twine started as a lil ole blog with a whopping readership of my Mom & Grandmother (thanks for all the encouragement those first couple months!)  Today, I'm constantly shocked at how many of you have joined our community.   For those of you who started reading early on, thanks so much for sticking with me!  Your kindness, patience and commitment has meant so much!  And for those of you new to Iron & Twine, I'm so happy you're here!  Like our home, this blog has been a labor of love, a continuous work in progress.  Brian and I have learned a lot this past year and are so excited for what's ahead.  We hope you'll continue to follow along as we turn our house into a home!

On another note...
In 30 days, on January 30th, I'm turning 30!
(yeah ~ I geeked out that it's all 30's)
My 20's gave me a lot to be thankful for, but I'm so excited to start a new chapter in life.  Life is an adventure and I can't wait to start on this new journey both with the blog and in my personal life.  I hope you all have a very happy year filled with joy and good things!
Let the Celebrations begin...


  1. First time I saw Iron & Twine - Congrats on the 1 year of blogging and warm wishes for the BEST birthday
    you have had so far! Enjoy it and all the days getting to your next birthday.

  2. It's your golden birthday! Love the snow throwing picture, something I would do;) Found you via handmade home.

  3. Congrats on the blogiversary and the big 30!! I will be turning the big 30 this year as well and i'm super excited about 30! It'll be a great year! Happy Early Birthday!

    1. Well Happy Early Birthday to you as well!! Wishing you a very happy 2014!

  4. Sweet Michelle, love, love the pictures. Any chance you could send ole me a photo of you in the snow? Grams

  5. Sweet Michelle; I am a (very new) newcomer to your blog but I just simply LOVE your wonderful smile and your posts - CONGRATULATIONS to your fabulous photos and your ideas and for sharing your loves with us.
    I also send my early birthday greetings because most certainly I won't be on your site on your actual festive day.... I wish you and yours a THRILLING, BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL, JOY FILLED, NEW YEAR and look forward to enjoy more of your art.....
    Big hugs,
    Kiki (a Swiss living in France - so nothing to do really with the contents of your blog but hey, I'm here....:) )

    1. Kiki! Thanks for stopping by! I just checked out all of your BEAUTIFUL Paris photography! My husband and I have been trying to plan a trip for quite some time ~ now it's a must after getting inspiration from you ;)


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