Rustic Fall Table Setting

Friday, October 3, 2014

I love this time of year for easy entertaining!  And with our twins' arrival any day this month, you better believe date nights at home will become a regularity for Brian & I.  So, with a little thought and a little time you can create a warm, inviting space for those fall dinners at home, whether entertaining for eight or a party of two.   
For outdoor dining these (1) acrylic wine glasses are lightweight and look like the real deal without the worry of glass.  (2)Vintage silver plate flatware is a favorite of mine and used daily in our household, we don't even own one piece of stainless.  Mix & match patterns for an eclectic and effortless vibe.  For individual runners, use dish towels like these (3) navy linen ones.  And of course,  these (4) navy & white stripe napkins are the perfect fall addition!  


  1. This is such a beautiful, simple tablescape. I'd love to be sitting down at this table. And I'm totally crushing on those napkins!

  2. So pretty! I have a question though. Do you wash all your silver plate flatware by hand, or do you put it through the dishwasher?

    1. DISHWASHER!!!! Who's got time for hand washing? :) Seriously though, I pretty much put all of my silver plate in the dishwasher (only super special or sterling pieces I'll wash by hand). The key is to NOT put it in the dishwasher with ANY stainless ~ chemical reaction can strip off the silver. Also, when using dish detergent, don't use anything with a citrus additive/scent ~ it can do the same thing. Hope this helps!!!


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